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How-To Series: Rug Care Instructions

We hear you. You’re loving your new rug, and you want it to look and feel new for as long as possible. Learning how to care for your rug will protect the investment you made for years to come – and also help you prevent some costly mistakes.

We’ve put together a helpful rug care guide that you can follow depending on your rug’s material. For best results, always refer to the care information that comes with your rug.


plant fiber
from left: Ivory Coast & Trace Moroccan rugs   |   see more designs >
Rugs made of natural fibers like cotton and jute tend to be less stain-resistant compared to other materials, so it’s important to blot spills promptly. 
For routine cleaning:
Use a beater brush to remove grit and dust, which can cause excessive wear on these carpets. To vacuum, do multiple gentle passes in varying directions.
Some cotton rugs can be shaken out and cleaned in the washing machine, using a delicate cycle and gentle detergent.  
    from left:  Wave & Denali Red rugs   |   see more designs >

    Wool is a natural, renewable fibre that deters bacteria and dust mites. But unlike cotton, it should not get soaking wet because they retain water; and unlike jute, you can’t use a beater bar, as its yarn may fuzz.
    For routine cleaning:
    Too much vacuuming can pull fibres out of the rug, so its recommended to vacuum the top twice a month, and the underside every 2 months. Brush out any remaining dirt, such as pet hair – always brushing in the direction of the nap of the rug. 
          from left: Nomad & Kyoto Weave All-Weather rugs  |   see more designs >

          Rugs made of synthetic (such as recycled PET), and semi-synthetic (such as Viscose) materials often have very specific care instructions.
          Viscose can absorb and retain water which can cause yellowing, so they should never be washed. Vacuum regularly, using the gentlest setting possible, as vigorous beating will wear the rug out more quickly. Machine washable PET rugs can be hung to dry and will not get damaged. Non-machine washable PET rugs can be vacuumed as needed, using the gentlest setting.

          from left: Pyramid Tan & Cubist White rugs   |   see more designs >

          Leather is durable, stain-resistant, and easy to clean. For regular maintenance, you can take the rug outdoors and shake it out, instead of vacuuming them. This gives the rug a chance to “breathe”. To remove dirt and grime, use a brush designed for brushing fur (such as a wire pet brush), and gently brush in the direction of the grain.


          We recommend that you have your rugs professionally cleaned every two years. 
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