Jaipur's Paper Marbling

This summer, brighten up the dullest corners of your home by making a colour and form statement with our unique dreamy pieces. 

From bright bold hues to soft calming pastels, the new pieces are designed to make muted furniture and interior finishes pop. Some lively patterns in the collection are derived from nature, while others are formed by nature itself, such as the flowing process of marbling ink for paper. The resulting look is eclectic but clean and can be curated in minimal but never boring interiors.

 Another motivation for us is the emergence of the home office. Not simply the utilitarian computer desk, but a softened look, even being the focal point of the living room. Living DNA worked with Jaipur-based design studio Craftboat to explore new ways of using and appreciating beautiful paper. Thus the marbled paper home decor collection was born. The collection features a hexagonal desk tray, a bento-inspired tray, wine bottle boxes, canisters and jars in 7 tasteful colour combinations.

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"Our artisanal desk accessories and textural rugs are meant to add soul to the home office and keep its spirit consistent with the rest of the home" 
- Denise Taojo Kaur, Founder of Living DNA

Marbled Paper Decor Marbling is a unique art of creating a beautiful abstract flow of lines and colours on a tray of water with oil paints. A sheet of paper is then placed on top of the swirled paint, and the pattern is transferred onto the paper. While the marble interior trend brought about the rise of digitally printed replicas, this original and natural process of marbling creates a more intricate, varied design which the viewer can appreciate even at first glance. 
No two pieces will ever be alike. In fact, every person in the artisan team located in Jaipur, India has a different 'touch', thus the pattern represents the identity of its maker. Staying true to Living DNA's sustainability ethos, the materials and methods used for crafting the pieces have a positive impact to the community and environment. The handmade paper used for marbling is produced by traditional paper makers of Jaipur to give new life to excess cotton fabric from textile factories. The resulting marbled paper in itself is a sight to behold, but it is just as important to further the functionality aspect.

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