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6 Contemporary Rugs That Will Add Personality To Any Room

Looking for a pop of colour to inject personality to your room? Besides graphic art work and decor, an area rug may be your best solution to do just that. A contemporary rug with fun vibrant colours can be a statement piece to anchor the living space. It has an added bonus to protect your floor, provide a soft feel, and improve the acoustics of the room.

We compiled the best organic patterns of our Flux collection, customised for our customers to fit their purpose, home and lifestyle. The patterns are created not only in different colours but also different textures and heights, resulting in a three-dimensional intricate rug. Whether you're searching for a subtle contrast amongst classic cream tones, or a dramatic masterpiece, we've got you (and your floors) covered. 

Scroll along, get ready to be inspired. 

Flux Blue Rug

Rugs are not meant solely for setting the foundation of a space; it can be a place of rest too. The Flux Blue Rug is for the uncommon ones who embrace bold and contemporary accents to their homes. The organic pattern mirrors the tones and shapes of the ocean. Use it as the starting point of your home decorating.

Flux Orchid Rug

For someone who wants to add a dose of drama, the Flux Orchid is the perfect choice while rug shopping. Gorgeous and bold with purple, orange, pink and cream tones, these botanical floral colours are a show-stopper, yet it won't overwhelm a room.

Flux Black & Blue Rug

If your home is already well-furnished with statement artwork and soft furnishing, extend the colours to the floor. Rug are created not for function but also for art. The Flux Black and Blue rug colours were handpicked by a client to match the colours of her art collection.  

Flux Bordered Rug 

If you're thinking to upgrade your entertainment area, consider the acoustic benefits of a rug. The large amount of fabric absorbs echoes. Our client chose a bordered version to naturally pull focus to the round sofa, creating an intimate space. This rug is made of using Tencel™ and NZ wool that's impeccably soft for you to sink in.

If you want to create a sophisticated and luxe home with a spacious feel, consider a monochromatic interior. For minimalists, this cream version of Flux Bordered Rug offers an unexpected outcome with subtle tonal contrasts due to a fine hand tufted cut, loop and carved pile. 

Flux Sapphire Rug

If you're the kind who fancies pattern but in a minimal way, this one-directional pattern in tones of blues and greys have just the right amount of style. With an aquatic palette, Flux Sapphire especially suits a cozy reading nook, a home office or anywhere where you want to feel serene. Available in 4 sizes, for rooms large and small.

Flux Azure Rug

For a fun take on your living room, choose a variety of colour poms from the cushions, throws, upholstery to create a rug. The Flux Azure pattern is formed in one corner which is great for furniture without legs so that the stunning design can be visible. 


Are you excited from all the above rug inspirations? Find out more about our Flux Collection here, or create your own Flux rug with our Bespoke Rug Service. It is absolutely flux-able!