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Beverly Hills Mint
Beverly Hills Mint

Beverly Hills Mint

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Beautiful warm colours which brings the glamorized lifestyle of Beverly Hills and the design will give you the feeling of an endless summer. Perfect for feature walls to give your home, office or workspace a new look.

Designed and produced in Transylvania, Romania, inspired by the world culture. Our wallpaper collection shows different styles, unique designs with a strong artistic identity and we love to reuse iconic creations of mankind. We play with old photography, and antique illustrations, vintage drawings and contemporary patterns, trying to create fabulous feature walls. We invite you to discover our world full of intriguing combinations, creativity and free spirit.

Colour: Pink, Green, Brown & Mint
Size: 1 box (contains 3 panels of W52 x H300 cm each)
Material: Eco-friendly ink and new generation non-woven substrate
Installation: included

Contact us to get an estimate how many boxes you need based on your wall measurements.