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African Bowl Dinnerware
African Bowl - Departures & Arrivals

African Bowl

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Bowl in mixed brown shades.

Made from the horn of the Ankole or the "Cattle of Kings", an indigenous breed of cow in Uganda and a stable source of food for the people. While the horn pieces are usually discarded, artisans have now found a way to use them to support local communities, and to create something truly beautiful.

The Ankole are known for their exotically magnificent horns, versatility, exquisite colour variation, and stark, organic beauty, unlike typical brown or black horn. Horns are directly sourced from the cattle keepers in Uganda and handcrafted by artisans and metal smiths in Kenya.

The DNA of every horn is different, thus every piece made for you is unique.

Care Instructions: This piece is food-safe and washable manually. To maintain its natural lustre and colour, refrain from using the dishwasher.

Dimensions vary slightly but the average diameter is 14 cm.

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