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Carved SE White
Carved SE White
Carved SE White

Carved SE White

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“CARVED SE”, designed by  Naoki Terada
Released March 13, 2020

The CARVED series gives the impression that the numbers have been carved out of the clock face. It incorporates a superellipse, which is an ellipse with a perfect line.
The superellipse clock face, which can also be said to be just between a square and a perfect circle, sits in the middle of the straight lines of the wall and the ceiling and the curved circular motion of the clock hands.

Naoki Terada completed MA course of the Association School of Architecture (AA school) in London. After returning to Japan, he produced and directed various brands as well as designing architectures and products. He directs the brand, “15.0% ice cream spoon”which is produced and marketed by TAKATA Lemnos Inc., while designing all the products.

Width: 33cm

Height: 48cm

Depth: 60cm

Material: Artificial Wood, ABS resin, Stainless steel

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