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Fun Pun Clock Green
Fun Pun Clock Green

Fun Pun Clock Green

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An analog clock that motivates children who cannot read a clock to tell the time – our “fun pun clock.”

 This clock, with a design based on the Montessori Method and the addition of a slightly humorous name, went through various episodes in its commodification process. 

In Japanese, you read 5 minutes as “go(five)-fun,” 10 minutes as “ju(ten)-pun,” 15 minutes as “jugo(fifteen)-fun,” and 20 minutes as “niju(twenty)-pun.” This clock is easy to explain to children, simple, made of beautiful materials, and it matches any interior design.

Developed by a female designer who is also a mother, in cooperation with Ms. Misa Sakurai, a senior researcher of the Japan Montessori Research Institute. This clock is simple, made of beautiful materials, and matches any interior design. fun pun clock is well designed so as to promote understanding of minutes, hours and time for children whose interest in clocks begin to grow from the standpoint of Montessori education. 

Yoko Dobashi spent five years working at Idee co. Ltd. (1997-2002). She was involved in the development of standard furniture and in the launch of the “SPUTNIK” brand, which was introduced in London, Milan, and New York.
Diameter: 24.8cm

Depth: 44cm

Material: ABS resin, Glass

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