Josefina Colonial Lounge Chair | Display Piece
Josefina Colonial Lounge Chair | Display Piece
Josefina Colonial Lounge Chair | Display Piece
Josefina Lounge Chair - Departures & Arrivals
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Josefina Lounge Chair - Departures & Arrivals
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Josefina Lounge Chair - Departures & Arrivals
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Josefina Lounge Chair - Departures & Arrivals
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Josefina Colonial Lounge Chair | Display Piece


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The Josefina Lounge is a nod to the classic plantation chair, designed by award-winning Filipino designer Ito Kish and made by a team of master woodcarvers and rattan weavers.

This modern colonial style furniture's thick frame is made of wood, carved with beautiful roses and curved at the edges. Delicate details of shagreen leather line the thick armrests, backrest and corners. 

The backrest and seat are made of woven rattan, finished in matte black paintwork for a striking statement.


The works of Ito Kish inspired in me a love for craft and prompted the beginnings of Living DNA. Over the years he has become my mentor.

There's a certain grandeur and romance about the Josefina Lounge Chair he designed. From its colonial Asian roots to its large yet curvy elegant shape, it has the right design elements of a timeless piece.

To fully appreciate the Josefina, one has to comprehend the various crafts applied to it. The classic rattan cane weaving pattern, born from the need for robustness at the same time comfort with air circulation, recently revived in global interior design trends. The woodwork, a sculptor's labour of love. The leather detailing, requiring precision and an eye for embellishment. 

In today's climate of mass-produced, utilitarian goods, the Josefina sings of a bygone era that forms much of our cultural identity.

The Josefina is a wonderful rework of a classic, a rare find, a conversation piece.

On sale is the final piece, with minor surface damages due to it being on display. The structure, function and overall aesthetic remains a masterpiece. We recommend you visit our showroom or request for the latest images. Email us at

Learn more about Ito Kish here.


Colour: Charcoal black

Designer: Ito Kish

Dimensions: L165 W90 H90 cm, seat height 40 cm

Material: Solid wood and shagreen (stingray leather)

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