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KOZIEL / Greyish White Tufted Leather

KOZIEL / Greyish White Tufted Leather


Reference: 8888-08    

Series: Trompe-L'oeil Volume 2

An amazing tufted-leather wallpaper creation in a relaxing, contemporary tracing-paper white colour. This model is really unique, and reproduces a genuine work of artistic craftsmanship, beautifully rendered with its contrasts, folds, reflections, and the actual grain of the leather.

Every detail counts and is accurately reproduced to giving your wall more volume and completely transform your interior? This lovely radiant colour will ideally be used to cover an entire wall to create a chic, trendy decor.

Ideal on a headboard, counter, door, or at the back of set of shelves or a recess. This exclusive Christophe Koziel creation is undoubtedly the most outstanding wallpaper design of its kind...

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