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Moonshadow Sand Ultrasoft Rug - Departures & Arrivals
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Moonshadow Sand Ultrasoft Rug - Departures & Arrivals
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Moonshadow Sand Ultrasoft Rug

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This rug is an elegant, understated work of art. Moonshadow is made of a single shade of silver thread, yet the weaver creates subtle stripes by alternating weaving methods. Viewing this rug in person is highly recommended.

It is lustrous and ultra-soft to touch, owing to the high quality viscose. If softness is your priority, then Moonshadow is the perfect choice.

L230 W160 cm

Material: Handloom Viscose

Care Instructions : Vacuum clean your rug on a low power setting once in every two weeks. In case of spills, blot the liquid with a dry, undyed cloth or paper towel