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Handmade clock by Japanese artisans

Orb is a wall clock which draws inspiration from old, tarnished brass instruments such as those used during early voyages and astronomical observations. Thin engravings on the clock face form a dial on the coloured surface, exposing the brass below.

Quaint emphasize the natural qualities of the material, using the attractive contrast between the brass and coloured finish to enhance the visibility of the clock face. The distinctive texture is achieved by a process of brass casting that uses traditional colouring techniques originating from Takaoka, Toyama. The rich texture is intended to stand up to walls that have a strong material quality, such as exposed concrete or brick.

The traditional colouring technique of Takaoka Douki (copper), named Nuka yaki shudo-shoku was applied to each clock. The black satin colour with a speckled pattern is made by blackening after drawing out the pattern using a chemical and heating. The silver finish with a speckled pattern is achieved by applying pure silver plating. Then the gas-bronze colour with a speckled pattern is produced by the green rust that forms when the clock face is exposed to ammonia gas.

Diameter: 25 cm

Depth: 3.6 cm

Material: Brass

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