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Retro Outdoor Rug Rugs
Retro Outdoor Rug Rugs

Retro Outdoor Rug

Multicoloured waterproof rug.

Inspiration: Neo-Art Deco pattern. Pastels and fresh colours come together in this rare beautiful find. Designed to be a popular low-maintenance indoor and outdoor rug option as it is resistant to water, stain and dirt.

Feel: Smooth, flat, synthetic water-resistant material.

Design Tips: Use this all-weather rug in your balcony, play area and garden. Carry it with you on your next picnic or outdoor activity. Also great for dining area, kids' room or pet-accessible area.

Care Instructions: Wipe with soapy water, avoid bleach or harsh detergents. Hang to dry.

Material: Polypropylene
Craftsmanship: Machine made
Origin: Turkey

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