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Handmade clock designed by Riki Watanabe

RIKI features twelve figures which are slightly bigger and needles which are in splendid harmony with the length and thickness. We consider ease of reading important in basic clock design, and we always aim that the cost, performance, and design be simple & light. The frame body of plywood is made by skillful techniques of handicraft manufacturing, expressed by the precise circular shape and beautiful finish.

 Riki Watanabe is an industrial designer often likened to Charles Eames in America. He concerned himself with how to weave Western modernist ideals into a Japanese lifestyle, rather than purely importing them. He successfully incorporated the concept of chairs into a predominantly floor-based lifestyle. The chairs he produced in the 1950s like the Himo Isu and Torii Isu became iconic images of Japanese modernism. Watanabe also designed clocks and watches.

Diameter: 35.4cm

Depth: 4.8cm

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