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Tropical Colonial Rug Rugs
Tropical Colonial Rug Rugs
Tropical Colonial Rug

Tropical Colonial Rug

Handmade in India
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Flatwoven jute rug with black pattern.

Inspiration: Evocative of stylish homes in tropical Asia and South America. The humble jute is elevated into a glamorous piece through classic black lines. Natural variations in colour and texture of jute add beauty and authenticity.

Feel: Naturally textured through handstitching, using only healthy lustrous fibres of the jute plant. As it's flatwoven, this rug is ideal for the dining area and study. Chair legs don't get stuck in it and food morsels can be cleaned up.

Design Tips: Use this rug in a modern space with neutral tones and metallic furnishing then accentuate with a few bright coloured decor.

Care Instructions: This rug made of plant materials is sturdy and takes little to no effort to maintain. See product image for detailed instructions. The rug may not lie flat immediately when taken out of the packing - it will settle down in a few days. Sustainable and fully biodegradable.

Material: Jute
Rug craftsmanship: Handwoven
Origin: India

Actual colours may vary slightly from photos.
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