How-To Series: Get the look with rugs under $500

The middle of the year is an excellent time to give the home a refresh. A quick purge can renew the energy at home. A new look re-inspires the people who dwell in it.
One of the easiest ways to refresh is by changing your rugs. A new pattern, a new pop of colour, brings new life. If you haven't experienced lounging on a soft rug at home, it's time to know the kind of comfort that helps you unwind after a stressful day. The best part is that you don’t need to splurge.

Give your family something new to gather ‘round, or rub their toes into, with our selection of rugs under $500. There's something for everyone.
Chevron Leather Brown rug  |  see more designs >

What we love:
 A perfect balance of minimalism and charm, the rug subtly matches the colours and gentle shapes on the sofa and poufs.
How to achieve it: Accessorize with neutral colours, natural materials, and touches of abstracts and organic curves.

Shop: Chevron Leather Brown ($145 - 445)

Inspiration from Undecorated Home

Shaggy Zinc, Gold, Orchid and Blush rugs   |   see more designs >

What we love:
 The beautifully soft and thick rug offers luxurious comfort for tired feet, and provides an interesting style accent.
How to achieve it: Choose rugs with long, plush fibres to create a soft landing, and add textural depth to your space.

Shop: Shaggy Rugs ($145 - 445)

Inspiration from Emily Henderson
Frozen Dew Runner  |   see more designs >

What we love:
 The tone-on-tone pairing of the patterned rug and furniture gives the room depth and character, while remaining cohesive and elegant.

How to achieve it: 
Make the use of patterns less overwhelming by choosing patterns from the same colour family.

Shop: Frozen Dew Runner ($195)

Inspiration from Coco Kelley
Diamond Leather Black Rug  |  see more designs >

What we love: The understated pattern and durable weave of the rug give the room a clean and stately look.

How to achieve it: For high-traffic spaces, go for neutral colours and classic patterns, and material that is less prone to wear.

Shop: Diamond Leather Black Rug ($145 - 445)

Inspiration from Yellow Brick Home
Grenada Gray All-Weather Rug |   see more designs >

What we love:
 The rug's monochromatic colour and repeating motif pulls the room's eclectic elements together.

How to achieve it: Choose a simplified colour palette for the room, then add elements of surprise with various patterns, prints, and shapes. 

Shop: Grenada Gray All-Weather Rug ($390)

Inspiration from Coco Kelley
Shaggy Zinc Rug  |   see more designs >

What we love:
 The rug's somber shade and soft fibres anchor the room's moody but elegant ambiance.

How to achieve it:  Add smaller elements of this style to your current space by adding florals, cushions, and a luxurious rug in muted tones.

Shop: Shaggy Zinc Rug ($145)

Inspiration from Coco Lapine Design

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