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Collection: Kid-Friendly Rugs

For babies, kids, tweens and teens.

Look through trending interior photos of kids' bedrooms and notice that they're never without a rug. Our designs are fresh, style-conscious and appreciated by adults too. These rugs are easy to match, easy to clean and easy on the budget.

A rug also creates a safe space. It prevents slips and provides cushioning for your active young ones.
21 products
  • Farah Moroccan Rug
    Farah Moroccan Rug
  • Naima Moroccan Rug
    Naima Moroccan Rug
  • Amir Moroccan Rug
    Amir Moroccan Rug Rugs
  • Ripple Recycled Gray Rug
    Ripple Recycled Gray Rug
  • Boston Recycled Ivory Rug
    Boston Recycled Ivory Rug Rugs
  • Boston Recycled Gray Rug
    Boston Recycled Gray Rug Rugs
  • Orlando Recycled Ivory Rug
    Orlando Recycled Ivory Rug Rugs
  • Orlando Recycled Gray Rug
    Orlando Recycled Gray Rug
  • Gezellig Recycled Rug
    Gezellig Recycled Rug
  • Blueberry Macaron Rug
    Blueberry Macaron Rug Rugs
  • Lemon Macaron Rug
    Lemon Macaron Yellow Viscose Rug - Living DNA Singapore
  • Lavender Macaron Rug
    Lavender Macaron Rug Rugs
  • Metallic Gold Doormat
    Metallic Gold Doormat Rugs
  • Blueberry Macaron Runner Rug
    Blueberry Macaron Runner Rug Rugs
  • Lavender Macaron Runner Rug
    Lavender Macaron Runner Rug Rugs
  • Lemon Macaron Runner Rug
    Lemon Macaron Runner Rug Rugs