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Handmade with the refined skills of Japanese craftsmen, highly reputed for quality. Our clocks are made with wood, stone, metal, clay and paper - rare materials for clocks. The mechanism is flawless due to the maker company's heritage from wristwatch brand Seiko. You will not find anything similar in look and quality. Feel the difference the moment you receive your clock in your hands. Welcome to a new timekeeping experience.
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  • Carved Wood Birch
    Carved Wood Birch
  • Halo Bronze
    Halo Bronze
  • Carved SE White
    Carved SE White
  • Fun Pun Clock Green
    Fun Pun Clock Green
  • Fun Pun Clock Yellow
    Fun Pun Clock Yellow
  • Fun Pun Clock Large
    Fun Pun Clock Large
  • Keisoudo no Tokei Green
    Keisoudo No Tokei Green Clocks
  • Keisoudo no Tokei Yellow
    Keisoudo No Tokei Yellow Clocks
  • Keisoudo no Tokei Pink
    Keisoudo No Tokei Pink Clocks
  • Campagne Natural
    Campagne Natural Clocks
  • Campagne Beech
    Campagne Beech Clocks
  • Carved II White
    Carved Ii White Clocks
  • Trio White
    Trio White Clocks
  • Carved II Black
    Carved Ii Black Clocks
  • Trio Gray
    Trio Gray Clocks
  • North Grey
    North Grey Clocks