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Caring for Your Rug

Congratulations on your new Living DNA rug! Please read these rug care instructions before use.

Vacuum once a week at the most. Too much vacuuming can pull the fibres out of the rug.

Use low to medium suction when vacuuming your rug.

Choose the right vacuum accessories. Avoid using attachments with brushes or any abrasive accessories which may harm the rug fibres.

Read your vacuum manual carefully. Refer to your vacuum cleaner’s manual for instructions on "precious rugs/carpets" or "gentle fabrics". Please do not follow instructions for "carpet flooring" as this usually refers to synthetic industrial carpets installed with adhesive on floors.

Most rugs shed naturally. This is observed especially with new rugs. Shedding will subside with regular use.

Do not wash, bleach, tumble dry or iron your rug, unless it is from our washable product range.
Remove spills immediately. Use a clean cloth or dry paper towel to blot excess liquid.

In case of a liquid stain, send your rug for professional cleaning. The stain may or may not be removed completely but the earlier it’s cleaned, the better the results.

Do not pull any threads. Snip loose ends with scissors.

Rotate your rugs if feasible every 6 months to even the process of wear and tear, especially if your rug receives direct sunlight.

If you need to store your rug, make sure that the rug is clean and dry first. Roll the rug with the rug surface inwards. Make sure to store it in a ventilated and dry area.

Get professional cleaning done once a year to maintain your rug's beauty and style for years. You get 20% discount on Professional Rug Cleaning for your Living DNA rug. Just send us a message and we will facilitate the process.

Learn about professional cleaning services here.


Vacuum no more than once a week using the gentlest setting possible, as vigorous beating will wear the rug out more quickly. Viscose can absorb and retain water which can cause yellowing, so it should never be washed.


Take the rug outdoors and shake it out, instead of vacuuming them. This gives the rug a chance to “breathe”. To remove dirt and grime, use a brush designed for brushing fur, such as a wire pet brush, and gently brush in the direction of the grain.

Recycled PET

When the rug gets damp from rain or washing, hang to dry.


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