Shampoo Wash vs Chemical Wash: Why You Should Get Your Rug Professionally Cleaned

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Congratulations, you vacuum clean your rug regularly. You've followed our rug care instructions (hint: there's a sticker behind your Living DNA rug that lists out all the care tips) to the dot, and the rug continues to get compliments for your job well done in keeping it pretty.

As time goes by, family members, pets, visitors, parties and humid tropical weather bring in a fair share of dead cells, hair, outside dirt, food crumbles, and microorganisms more than your daily cleaning routine can handle. (Hate to say it, but your sofa, mattress, armchairs and curtains are in the same situation too!)

This is when getting the help of experts comes into the picture. Professional rug cleaning makes sure your home is safe and sanitized for your family. Your rugs are returned to you refreshed, bright and clean.

Here's what you should know about getting your disease-fighting work done by a pro.

Shampoo Wash

A professional shampoo wash is exactly as you imagine: bubbly shampoo formulated for rugs are applied to a rug laid out flat on the floor. Before you get ideas to DIY, take note: the professional cleaner then uses a cleaning machine throughout the entire rug methodically to avoid damaging the delicate rug fibres. The rug is then thoroughly dried - this process takes the longest. If not dried the right way, residual moisture can cause mould to build up instead.

Shampoo washing removes the dirt, dust and mould that won't come off with regular vacuum cleaning. Stubborn dirt causes rugs to age faster too. Our professional cleaning service uses non-toxic substances, certified safe for kids and pets.

To gauge the quality of the professional cleaner,you need to understand how much they know about the way your rug is constructed. Our trained and experienced cleaners use a specific rug shampoo and method for every type of rug.

Most of all, it's the kind of dedicated care that matters. Your handmade home rugs are not the same as industrial type office carpets. As rugmakers, we know that rugs can differ in materials: wool, viscose, cotton, PET, silk, bamboo silk, recycled fabric, and for each a different quality grade and blend composition. Rugs also differ in weaving technique, dyeing method and substances. Chunky Scandi-look knits should be washed differently from fine knotted carpets.

We recommend sending your rugs for a basic shampoo wash every 3-6 months.

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Chemical Wash

A professional chemical wash achieves all of the things the shampoo wash does, and more. Chemical-based disinfectants are applied to the rug. The process we use in our professional chemical wash service kills 99.99% of common house bacteria within ten minutes of treatment (certified by ASM International). This is the best option for ensuring your home is disease-free.

Like the shampoo wash, we use a specific formulation of disinfectant and care method for every rug material, workmanship, and even colour. Handmade rugs have unique qualities so a deep knowledge of rugmaking is crucial to applying proper care to the rug.

We recommend sending your rugs for a premium chemical wash every 6-12 months.

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A Word About Stains

It's tempting to think you can go ahead with spilling food and stuff on your cream-coloured wool rug, now that you know you have a convenient cleaning solution. Do note that the primary purpose of professional cleaning is to keep your rugs hygienic. We notice that light stains often fade or come off, but even the most expensive cleaning services out there cannot guarantee 100% stain elimination. That's because we still have to make sure the rest of the rug surface remains intact and beautiful.

As with all fabrics, take care to avoid coffee, tea or wine spills on your rug. Urine can also be stubborn, so get it cleaned as soon as you find out. Rule of thumb with stains: the sooner you treat, the better the results.

"So can my rug stain be removed or not?", you might ask. Not to worry, our representative will do an assessment with you when he/she picks up your rug. We explain the extent to which we can help. If it works out for you, we'll clean away!

Our professional cleaning services are effective, convenient and quick. We do free pickup and delivery. Try it now.

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