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Why You Should Seriously Consider Wallpaper

We are ecstatic to introduce our latest addition in Living DNA - wallpapers!

Wallpaper is one of the best ways to boost your home's wow factor. With hundreds of fascinating designs and patterns you can choose from, a wallpaper gives life to a dreary space.

Quick to install, relatively cheap and high impact, it's no surprise that wallpapers are popping up in every inspirational space you come across on Instagram, be they designer's homes or the hippest boutique hotels and restaurants. 

For those new to wallpapers, here are some inspiring interiors to get you started.

Shop this look: Rattan Webbing Square 

Source: Domino, Photography: Annelis Koppert


What we love: 
"Bringing texture into a room can transform a place from flat and plain to rich and full," says Linda Dekker, an interior stylist and co-founder of Fronteriors. 

A great tip Dekker has inspired us is her idea of considering Rattan wallpaper as a piece of furniture than a mere wall decor to bring an immediate textural effect in her living room.

How to achieve it: 
Rattan's natural colours complement any interior style and furniture, and the wallpaper version performs exactly the same way. It's one of the safest and timeless materials to work into an interior.

Speaking of timelessness, botanical mural wallpapers are helpful to spruce up the most used space in your home such as an open kitchen or a dining area. If you are a nature lover, take the opportunity create a botanical accent wall.

Shop this look: Tropical Bloom 

Source: The Interior Editor


What we love: 

Maria from The Interior Editor updated her kitchen/dining space by bringing nature indoors using lush foliage wallpaper. The soft green decorative patterns anchor the open space and connects to her other rooms effortlessly.

How to achieve it: 

Botanical prints also come in colours other than green. Choose colours that are similar to other decor in your space.

If you're still having reservations on embarking a wallpaper journey, no sweat.  We rounded up some awesome reasons for you take a step forward and get a quick home makeover with our handpicked selection of wallpapers.

1. Endless potential, goes well with any interior

We've gathered what we truly believe are the most exciting wallpapers out there. Whatever your interior look, we have something in store for you. To help you visualise, our bestsellers are installed on our showroom wall - Rattan, Tropical, Geometric and Abstract patterns, to name a few.

2. Wallpapers are far better than paints.

Besides a stress-free cleaning process, wallpaper can hide blemishes on the wall’s plaster far better than a coat of paint. Our wallpapers are dirt- and smudge-resistant.

3. Wallpapers are low maintenance.

Our wallpapers are easy to clean and are washable. To maintain its ideal condition, use a damp sponge or cloth to wipe the surface. Wipe the wallpaper in a vertical motion. Due to the printing process, some residue ink may come off the first time you clean the wallpaper. However, this does not affect the colours in the design or the quality of the material.

4. Perfect for rental places.

If you're concerned that a rented home is restricting you, don't fret. Our wallpapers are removable from most walls. When it's time for you vacate your rented place, these wallpapers can be removed with minimal to no damage to the walls. Always choose professional installers for best results.

5. Leave the installation to us.

To create a feature wall without the hassle, leave the installation work to us. Simply let us know your wall measurements. We will apply adhesive on to the wall and paste wallpaper strips one by one. Some of our designs have repeating patterns, others are different for every panel, like a mural painting. While your wallpaper order takes 1 to 3 weeks to arrive, the actual installation can be as quick as 15 minutes.