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How-To Series: Luxe Tribal Feel For The Home

Using tribal and ethnic influences in decorating is nothing new in interior design, but many are embracing the African heritage and aesthetic in a big way. Whether you want to evoke the warmth of the continent or display your finds from places far away, a soulful, ethnic tribal look can be achieved in harmony with your current space. Here’s how to channel the splendour of the continent in your own home:
It’s common to wonder if ethnic pieces will work with the current look of your home, especially if yours is of more traditional or modern architecture. The answer is, of course, it’s possible! To masterfully blend these elements into your home, use of restraint and surprise is key: put a standout tribal piece next to clean, modern pieces. Use ikat print pillows on a neutral sofa, make space in your Scandinavian or Western-themed room for a standout tribal piece.
counter clockwise: Longhorn Armchair, Tusk Console Table, Pendant Lamp all
by Departures & Arrivals | photo from Pinterest
Ethnic and exotic pieces don’t have to be limited to an aesthetic purpose. African artisans have found ways to turn what would have been discarded into pieces that are not only functional but truly beautiful. Keep your space organized with baskets, vases and trays made of natural materials.
counter clockwise: African Vase with Brass Detail, Gaucho Shelf Table,
Santamaria Outdoor Stool & Basket
The easiest way to channel the continent’s amazing aura is to use colour. Africa is vast, so the inspiration may come from different parts of the region: North Africa is characterized by dazzling fine patterns from architecture. South Africa's colours are inspired by the sun setting in the vast plains of Serengeti.
Just an element or two inspired by these images can give your room the mystique of Africa. Try a graphic pattern rug or a striking painting. 
counter clockwise: Rwanda Baskets and Petra Lustrous Jute Rugs 
by Departures & Arrivals | photo from Bohemian Modern Emily Henson
Channelling Africa is all about reconnecting with nature. What makes this theme unique is that unlike other themes, trying to achieve it without the use of natural or organic materials is impossible. So go ahead and bring in the outdoors: if it’s not made perfectly, then it’s perfect!
counter clockwise: Navi Reclaimed Rope White Lamp, Zena Charcoal and Ivory
Handwoven Wool Rug, Souk Moroccan Rug, Java Hemp Rugs