Story of Cafe Rattan: Scandinavian Meets Tropical

Who does not love the Scandinavian look? Its clean soft lines and comfortable pastel tones mixed with light wood gives us a mood of a home where the heart is. At the same time that we welcome the Scandinavian aesthetic into our shores, our Asian identity speaks out. Our roots make us who we are. It seems fitting, therefore, to infuse tropical elements in the form of raw material and technique.The Cafe Rattan brings a new perspective on how to decorate and construct a chair. Using a classic modern silhouette of Scandinavian chairs, the craftsman developed a distinct technique of splitting rattan. The chair's legs seem to divide to become backrests and armrests.
The splitting of rattan - a unique, delicate process that only skilled rattan craftsmen can do, even becomes more difficult with our use of rare thick 38mm (1.5 inch) rattan poles. Bending the rattan into a curved backrest by applying heat is also a highly specialized art. Inspired by the lightness of Scandinavian furniture style, a complementary cafe table was designed with an anigre-veneered top and simple tripod wood legs.