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The Power of Scent and How to Use it in Your Home

No other sense evokes memory the way scent does.

One of the books I was fondest of in my childhood was Bambi. Not your ordinary Bambi storybook, but a vintage "scratch-and-sniff". In the midst of handpainted forest scenery bathed in cool pastel hues of watercolour, a little patch is glossed. Scratch the patch and you release the scent of the scene. An evergreen forest's damp earthy scent. Creamy, fruity wildflower bushes. Aromatic minty herbs of the thicket where Bambi was born. The field of violets where Bambi met a skunk, the new friend fortunately not represented by a scent patch.

Memories of Bambi cling the strongest to me because of the interweaving of scent. Till today, woody perfume and wildflowers captivate me like no other. Cedar. Oak. Birch. Moss. Orchid.

Research shows that what we find appealing in a scent is often a scent your brain registered as a positive memory. Our minds have a repertoire of not just perfumes but also familiar scents that make up daily life.

An avid reader's delight at the crisp scent of new books.

Stew simmering in the aspiring gourmand's studio apartment.

The mix of oils and sharp turpentine in the artist's garage.

Caramel sweetness of a newborn baby.

Leather accessories of the refined gentleman. 

Watercolor Illustrations by Ottocento

The effect of scent can be inexplicable. Indeed, the human language is known to be insufficient to describe scent. Powerless we may be to convey exactly what we smell, we do have the power to change our states of mind with our olfactory senses. In the course of human history, we've discovered the effect a particular scent has on people. The key is knowing and when and where to use them. Candles are one of the best ways to create an entire atmosphere of scent. 

Shalimar by Guerlain Illustration by Lucile Prache
1. Workspace
Citrus scents create energy. If you're fortunate to have a private workspace, or your desk at home, inject vitality through scents with orange blossom, neroli, orange leaves (petitgrain), lemon, bergamot or lime. Ginger is an energetic scent that perks up your midday lulls.

Fragranced Candle No. 19 Blue Ginger has notes of Sicilian lemon, mandarin orange and ginger that transforms your mindset from dull to lively.


2. Bathroom

Powdery scents and florals feel clean and luxurious in your bathroom. Being a space that can assume a different character every time, bathrooms are the best place to use home fragrances that are similar to your favourite perfume. Just remember, no exquisite scent can mask an unclean bathroom so make sure your space is always dry and tidy.

Fragranced Candle No. 7 Lavender Cedar paints a picture of meadows in the Mediterranean, a playful blend of lavender, patchouli, vanilla, musk and tonka bean.


3. Bedroom
Go for romantic or relaxing, or both. Spicy scents, when worked with fragrant wood or florals, spark up the romance. To promote relaxation and sleep, orange blossom, ylang-ylang and lavender slow your brain wave activity.

Classic Fragranced Candle No. 1 Tuberose is the fragrance dreams are made of. Treat yourself to a profusion of white flowers such as lily of the valley, ylang-ylang, jasmine and prized tuberose.


4. Living Room

Think of your living room scent as your background music. On a typical light-acoustic kind of day, subtle florals make you feel at home. When guests are over, play with happy, social fragrances that get noticed. In other words, this is your chance to be adventurous! Match scent with your interiors. Think East Asian interiors with oriental scents of amber, incense and sandalwood. Or clean lines and leather interiors with musky, aromatic wood scents.

Love wooden panels and furniture? Bring your beautiful interiors to attention by lighting Classic Fragrance No. 2 Bois de Figuier. Fig, woody musk and amber is as unique as your space.


5. Kitchen

Avoid scents when eating. Your nose should be engaged with the scent of food  - any olfactory distractions can meddle with your taste. At any other time, your kitchen can be scented with mouthwatering gourmand fragrances such as vanilla. Essential oils of peach, berries and herbs complement the scents of the kitchen. Citrus and hints of grassy green are a good bet.

Earl Grey tea fans, rejoice. Classic Fragranced Candle No. 18 Bergame builds upon the aromatic ingredients of Earl Grey such as bergamot, tea and spices. 

  Every candle is a carefully crafted, well-thought scent built by masters of the art of perfumery to create a harmonious sense of place in your home. Once you discover your signature scent, shop online to keep your home heavenly.