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What's your Bedroom DNA?

The bedroom is the most personal space in our homes – a sanctuary. Whether you are happily single or married, the four corners of this intimate space is where dreams are built and magic happens. It is synonymous to our personalities. Social psychologist Samuel Gosling did an experiment that correlates the bedroom to a person’s personality. The result? Other people indeed gather an ample perception of who we are by merely looking at our stuff, even those who have only known us for a short while.
This experiment greatly inspired Malcolm Gladwell. In his 2005 acclaimed book ‘Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking’, its first chapter discusses aspects of a person’s personality simply by looking at their private spaces.
How does your room look like? And what does it say about you? You’re about to find out.
You love life and the world. You are a happy person and always very optimistic. You value nature – that living plant in your bedroom is solid proof. Your bedroom colour palette consists of neutrals, easy colours, and earthy hues. Complement your personality with natural fibers, exotic textures, and organic materials. Add wood furniture, woven stools, or a jute rug.
Your room is like a scene from a movie. Your room is well put together. One can instantly tell you invested good money making it look immaculate.
Keep your superstar status by adding luxe metallic accents to your bedroom – be it gold, silver, brass, or bronze. You can also incorporate elegant décor like vases and lamps. Top it all off with extravagant fabrics like velvet, satin, and fur; they always do the trick.
You are very nifty. Your ideas in crafting (or re-crafting) décor that’s both beautiful and useful are boundless. To call you creative is an understatement. Your bedroom is your work of art. Keep the shabby chic vibe by injecting upcycled and recycled furniture.
You like it traditional. Neither old nor boring, you like your bedroom safe and romantic. Your bedroom is decorated with fresh flowers, artwork, photographs, and little treasures that trigger emotions. Add more drama to your bedroom by bringing fragrant candles, a chandelier, cushions, and carpets among other traditional furnishings.
You are a design rule breaker. You do not conform. You are experimental and adventurous! You believe in setting new trends. High saturation colour accents in vivid reds, yellows, and blues are what you must have. They can be single- or multi-colour blocked décor. Also, mix as many patterns and prints.
Your philosophy is (you guessed it) ‘less is more’. You live for clean lines, crisp whites, and Scandinavian aesthetics. You dislike disorganisation and disorder. Your bedroom is like Pinterest in real life. To break the monotony, use various textures in your bedroom to create that stunning interior design storytelling. Complement it with modern furniture with a sophisticated structure, but do not disregard functionality.