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Collection: Modern Rugs

We specialize in modern rugs, made the traditional high quality handmade way. All our rugs are designed for contemporary living, so you can be sure that any Living DNA rug you choose will suit your interiors.
Overwhelmed by the choices? Send photos of your place to our rug designers and we'll be happy to recommend! 
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76 products
  • Anatolia Rug
    Anatolia Rug Rugs
  • Fable Rug
    Fable Rug Rugs
  • Orlando Recycled Gray Rug
    Orlando Recycled Gray Rug
  • Orlando Recycled Ivory Rug
    Orlando Recycled Ivory Rug Rugs
  • Boston Recycled Gray Rug
    Boston Recycled Gray Rug Rugs
  • Boston Recycled Ivory Rug
    Boston Recycled Ivory Rug Rugs
  • Dwell Chunky Jute Rug
    Dwell Chunky Jute Rug Rugs
  • Nest Striped Jute Rug
    Nest Striped Jute Rug
  • Lagoon Recycled Rug
    Lagoon Recycled Rug
  • Tropical Colonial Rug
    Tropical Colonial Rug
  • Coachella Rug
    Coachella Rug
  • Jaipur Printed Rug
    Jaipur Printed Rug Rugs
  • Amir Moroccan Rug
    Amir Moroccan Rug Rugs
  • Naima Moroccan Rug
    Naima Moroccan Rug
  • Samira Moroccan Rug
    Samira Moroccan Rug Rugs
  • Farah Moroccan Rug
    Farah Moroccan Rug