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Collection: Recycled Rugs

Made of woven upcycled versions of leather, denim, cotton and even silk.

Our repurposed favourite at Living DNA is the PET outdoor rug, made from the world’s most common plastic waste, polyethyleneterephtalate (from water bottles). The fabric looks and feels like cotton or wool, and it’s breathable and durable – a perfect high-traffic and outdoor rug. Plus, by choosing an upcycled rug, you’re joining the effort to create sustainable spaces.
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  • Ripple Recycled Gray Rug
    Ripple Recycled Gray Rug
  • Naturel Recycled Rug
    Naturel Recycled Rug
  • Orlando Recycled Gray Rug
    Orlando Recycled Gray Rug
  • Sky Recycled Rug
    Sky Recycled Rug
  • Orlando Recycled Ivory Rug
    Orlando Recycled Ivory Rug Rugs
  • Boston Recycled Gray Rug
    Boston Recycled Gray Rug Rugs
  • Boston Recycled Ivory Rug
    Boston Recycled Ivory Rug Rugs
  • Gezellig Recycled Rug
    Gezellig Recycled Rug
  • Retro Outdoor Rug
    Retro Outdoor Rug Rugs
  • Maze Outdoor Rug
    Maze Outdoor Rug Rugs
  • Blu Outdoor Rug
    Blu Reversible Outdoor Rug Rugs
  • Matrix Outdoor Rug
    Matrix Outdoor Rug Rugs
  • Fresco Outdoor Beige Rug
    Fresco Outdoor Beige Rug Rugs
  • Fresco Outdoor Blue Rug
    Fresco Outdoor Gray Rug Rugs
  • Monstera Outdoor Rug
    Monstera Outdoor Rug
  • Tile Outdoor Rug
    Tile Outdoor Rug Rugs