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How To Choose The Right Rug Size

Rugs serve as a room’s anchor and foundation. When a rug is just the right size, it creates a perfectly balanced room.
There are several factors to consider – such as room use, orientation, and size. To take some guesswork out of choosing the right rug size for your space, here are some essentials in finding the perfect fit.

living room
from left: Sketch Moroccan & Scandi Triangle rugs   |   see more designs >
Rugs help create an intimate conversation space in the living or family room.
Big rooms that have enough space for furniture to float in the center, must have a rug big enough so that the furniture fits completely on top, with some legroom.
    If this is not possible, aim to have two front legs of all furniture on the rug, or make sure that the rug spans the distance of the main couch or area. Smaller rooms can have rugs placed just under the coffee table to define specific seating areas.

      from left:  Frozen Dew & Sketch Moroccan rugs   |   see more designs > 

      When we wake up in the morning, rugs create a soft inviting surface as we stand up to start a new day. Frame the bed if you have a large room. Put an entire rug under the bed, with about 45 - 60 cm of the rug extending on its sides.
        Runners also make a great alternative. Use one on either side of the bed, and another rug on the foot of the bed. If you have two beds in one room, consider placing one rug between them.

        dining room
        from left: Aztec & Natural Crochet round rugs  |   see more designs >

        The choice here is clear: all the tables and chairs must rest on the rug.
        First measure your table’s length and width, then add at least 24” to each side. This will keep your dining chairs from going off the rug when pushed back.

        from left: Crystal Lattice & Denali Red rugs   |   see more designs >
        Rugs are a great way to make a hallway look inviting. 
        Remember to have a bit of border all around the rug. Measure the size of the hallway and subtract 30 cm from the length and width.
        This will allow for a 15 cm border all around.
          For hallways with furniture, you can either use it on the center, with the furniture pushed to the sides and resting on the bare floor; or have the runner take up one side in the hallway, with all the furniture against one wall.

            from left: Grenada Gray & Diamante Beige rugs   |   see more designs >


            Rugs not only create visual interest – but they also add cushioned comfort and prevent slips. Narrow kitchens or ones that have a center island look great with a long rug that extends the length of the space. It fills up space and adds padding underfoot.
              Bigger kitchens with lots of foot traffic can have a strategically placed smaller rug. In front of the sink works best.

              from left: Diamante All-Weather & Mykonos Black Hemp  |  see more designs >

              For outdoor rugs, you can cover up the entire balcony or leave a border of exposed floor. Doing this can also cover up unsightly balcony floors. 
              If you have a large balcony, rugs can help define seating areas. Use it under the patio table, or in between outdoor chairs.

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