3 Tips That Help You Enjoy Rug Shopping Without Leaving Home

Buying a rug is one of those decisions that are difficult to make, especially when it is your first time. You're not alone. Who says you can't see and touch the rugs while shopping for them in the comfort of your home? Over here at Living DNA, its possible. 
If 2020 has taught us anything - it's the ability to adapt to lifestyle changes real fast! It has shaped our notion about working from home. What seemed like a small luxury before has became status quo. There are chances where you find its harder to leave home when the boundaries in work-life are blurred. So to keep the conventional rug shopping sensory, we introduce a personalised shopping via a Rug Trial. Here are some tips to help you get a rug while you're home! 


1. Send us a Whatsapp text

The fastest way to enquire about our rug designs and get a response from our rug specialists. We promise you that you will not be talking to bots. Our lovely Customer Advocate will help you with the selection process.

2. Streamline your choices

We are a rug haven with 200 rug designs for all sorts of interior looks such as modern contemporary, minimalistic etc. Some may find it overwhelming to browse them all when they are rug virgins. Once you have get in touch with us, we are here to take you on speed train, streamlining the search to less than 10 rugs so that you can make a final selection of 3 rugs for the rug trial. 


 3. See and Feel the rugs at home
Choose a day and time at your convenience, we bring up to 3 pieces of rugs to your home and place them at an intended spot. You can see, feel, compare the rugs, and then believe in your decision to purchase the ideal rug on the spot.


Now you have a rug that creates visual interest indoors without stepping foot outdoors.
Click on the WhatsApp icon to start your personal shopping!