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9 Popular Interior Design Styles and What Rugs To Match Them


Scandi RugsThe home of @myscandinavianhome

Scandinavian interiors are designed to be tremendously comfortable. A home is not Scandi without a rug that's cozy.

To achieve the style's signature brightness in your home, use neutral colours such as white, ivory and greige. Add pastels such as pale pink or soft sage green.

Furnishings should be unfussy. Go for sleek, sophisticated understatements over ostentatious displays. Complete the look with Scandi rugs that exhibit the same soft colours and clean lines.

Handcrafted and natural elements such as wood, cotton, linen, wool, and plants define a Scandi space. Therefore, rugs that are handmade with natural raw materials is a must.

If you want to be more expressive, feel free to explore rugs in other categories. Fusion interior styles such as Scandifornian, Japandi and Scandi-boho are now taking the design world by storm.

Scandi Rugs


Minimalist Interior Style Rugs

Minimalist designs can be modern, Zen, Scandinavian, midcentury or any personality. What characterizes minimalism is the absence of clutter.

Minimalism takes an interior and strips away excess components. You are left with a clear and simple design with a big impact. Bright, clean spaces require a careful rug choice. Use rugs in a restrained palette of muted colours, neutrals or pure black and white.

To follow the "less is more" philosophy, keep it simple and ensure that every object in your room has a place and a purpose. Think of your main purpose of the rug - be it for cushioning, colour, accent or acoustics - and focus on that quality when you select from the rug choices here.

Minimalistic Rugs

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Organic Rustic

Organic Rustic Interior Style RugsAn organic interior look by Emily Henderson

A relaxed and "of-the-hand-and-earth" vibe, organic interiors must be rich in natural raw materials. Rugs made of cotton, wool and jute are key to achieving this look.

Modern organic or modern rustic homes are perfectly imperfect: textured natural finishes, earthy soft-finished walls, reclaimed wood, washed linen and aged metal. When it comes to rugs, you will get the desired textural richness in our handwoven and handloom rugs.

This style can have a tropical, Mediterranean or coastal flavour. Our rugs are handpicked to deliver any of these dreamy looks, so you can relive your far-flung exotic holiday at home.

Rustic Natural Rugs

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Boho Chic Interior Style RugsLayered rugs on a modern bohemian home

Eclectic. Luxe boho. Scandi-boho. Boho chic. The combinations are as varied as people's personalities, but one thing is constant: the bohemian home is never, ever without a rug.

Aim for an abundance of handwoven fabrics such as Moroccan rugs, Turkish kilims, Japanese shibori tie-dye, African mudcloth, Indian blockprints and even plain simple cultural weaves. The eclectic layering of materials tells the story of your travel adventures and worldly inspirations.

Our rugs are creative, free-spirited, laid-back and unique. We value authenticity and respect natural imperfections from the maker. Over time, the fabric develops a patina that you grow to love.

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Contemporary Interior Style RugsStyling and photography by Henrik Nero

Urban modern. New traditional. Contemporary cool. Whatever you may call it, this style is about what is today's looks and preferences. It does not look beyond the immediate past, no more than a century back.

Naturally, our contemporary rugs are wide-ranging. This rug collection is trendy, fluid, ever-changing and present.

Contemporary Rugs

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Midcentury Modern

Midcentury Modern Interior Style RugsInteriors by Emily Bowser

MCM, as they call it, is functional, streamlined, open and uncluttered. Mid-century furniture and decor are often a mix of organic and geometric forms. Clean lines are paired with gentle curves.

Colours are usually dark neutral tones paired with a deep accent colour. The easiest rug to get for a mid-century modern look is a solid colour to match.

Mid-century patterns are usually asymmetrical and/or abstract. But as you're going for the modern version, patterns do not need to strictly be 50's and 60's style.

Browse our recommendations of both solid and patterned MCM rugs.

Midcentury Rugs

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Industrial Interior Design Style RugsInteriors by Alison Crawford Design

Industrial style originated from taking an old warehouse or industrial factory and transforming it into a chic loft or living space. This look features exposed bricks, beams and pipes, concrete, metal staircases and huge windows. 

A rug makes all the difference between dingy warehouse and modern luxurious home. Soft, plush rugs balance out the cold construction materials. Rugs for modern industrial interiors are moody and striking. 

Old-world charm adds richness to industrial interiors. Take your pick from our vintage style options to pull off this look.

Industrial Rugs

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Modern Arabic

Modern Arabic Middle Eastern Interior Design Rugs
Modern Moroccan Riad Goloboy

Exotic, majestic, eclectic and yet contemporary, this style is inspired by Middle Eastern, Moroccan, Islamic and Mediterranean influences. It is these very cultures that introduced rugs to the world.

Our rugs are designed for urban homes that feature strict geometry, niches, arches, mosaics, tiles and lanterns in a modern trendy way. Explore our geometrical patterned rugs as well as modernized traditional pieces.

Typical reds, blues and greens are available and so are refreshing pastels, warm earth tones, muted colours and luxurious metallics.

Modern Islamic Design Rugs

Hollywood Glamour

Hollywood Regency Interior Design RugsJonathan Adler nails the Hollywood Regency look

Also called Hollywood Regency, it is a spacious, open-plan and symmetrical interior.

Furnish with bright, glossy surfaces, gold metallic finishes, bold art deco patterns in high contrast, and sumptuous fabrics and textures in vibrant colors. The space glitters in sensual glamour through an abundance of luxurious shiny accessories.

Our rugs for this style are designed to be lush and luxurious. Be it rich jewel tones or neutral grays and browns, the colours should be deep. Patterns are ornate and iconic. 

Glamour Rugs

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