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Collection: Modern Moroccan

Modern Moroccan Riad Goloboy

Exotic, majestic, eclectic and yet contemporary, this style is inspired by Middle Eastern, Moroccan, Islamic and Mediterranean influences. It is these very cultures that introduced rugs to the world.

Our rugs are designed for urban homes that feature strict geometry, niches, arches, mosaics, tiles and lanterns in a modern trendy way. Explore our geometrical patterned rugs as well as modernized traditional pieces.

Typical reds, blues and greens are available and so are refreshing pastels, warm earth tones, muted colours and luxurious metallics.

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  • Metallic Gold Doormat
    Metallic Gold Doormat Rugs
  • Metallic Silver Doormat
    Metallic Silver Doormat Rugs
  • Shaggy Blush Runner Rug
    Shaggy Blush Runner Rug Rugs
  • Shaggy Orchid Runner Rug
    Shaggy Orchid Runner Rug Rugs
  • Tile Outdoor Rug
    Tile Outdoor Rug Rugs
  • Istanbul 9 Mini Rug
    Istanbul 9 Mini Rug Rugs
  • Istanbul 7 Mini Rug
    Istanbul 7 Mini Rug Rugs
  • Fresco Outdoor Blue Rug
    Fresco Outdoor Gray Rug Rugs
  • Fresco Outdoor Beige Rug
    Fresco Outdoor Beige Rug Rugs
  • Farah Moroccan Rug
    Farah Moroccan Rug
  • Amina Moroccan Rug
    Amina Moroccan Rug
  • Samira Moroccan Rug
    Samira Moroccan Rug Rugs
  • Naima Moroccan Rug
    Naima Moroccan Rug
  • Shaggy Orchid Rug
    Shaggy Orchid Rug Rugs
  • Shaggy Zinc Rug
    Shaggy Zinc Rug Rugs
  • Shaggy Gold Rug
    Shaggy Gold Rug Rugs