#MyLivingDNA Home Tour with Jason Yap

Evoking the splendor and beauty of landscapes into our home can have a powerful uplifting effect on our outlook in life, a notion our customer Jason Yap is very familiar with. He opens to us his Buona Vista flat, where he lovingly makes room for the Mediterranean coast, Polish winter forests and tropical colonial Southeast Asia from open floors to quiet nooks. 

"Travelling to all the different regions of the world played the biggest part in how I wanted to create my rooms. I am one who loves details."

 For starters, his bedroom is anchored by our Wave rug, with patterns inspired by the reflection of light on water. Our Tropical Colonial jute rug sets the tone for his black and white living room. Going with nature's flow, with a prodding from travel nostalgia, Jason comes across homeware pieces  - both new and secondhand, designed and natural - and allows his interiors to evolve with every find.


Hi Jason, please introduce yourself.

I work as an account manager in an American medical insurance company. Travelling is in my DNA. I love to exercise whenever chance permits. A recent proud owner of a 4-room HDB at Buona Vista.


What's your morning routine ?

I go on a 5km run at the Park Connector below my block every morning to make sure I start the day feeling as good as I can be! Afterwards I fix my own breakfast before starting the daily grind. I WFH most of the time now.

Which spot or item in your home is most meaningful to you?

It's really hard to pinpoint just one particular spot, but I would pick my master bedroom feature wall with different tones of blue. It's how I envisage the clear blue ocean and sky.

We notice each of your rooms have a distinct theme. How did you come up with interior style ideas for them?

Travelling to all the different regions of the world played the biggest part in how I wanted to create my rooms. I am one who loves details. Reading magazines and drawing ideas from designer homes gave me the inspiration to be bold and create the style of rooms that I wanted. 

Taiwan has these bed and breakfast homes where homeowners take special effort to re-create atmospheres and vibes of places in Europe. Since I had the chance to do so on a blank canvas, I thought, why not?

Why did you want rugs in your space?

I haven't had the experience of having rugs in my previous place of residence before I moved. I thought it would be a great opportunity to try PLUS I love attention to details. The rugs I chose suited perfectly what I had in mind, creating character in the space they were placed so I didn't hesitate at all.

How has it been living with rugs?

I have received many compliments from guests whenever I invite them over for housewarming or meals. However it does take some personal effort and commitment to be mindful to vacuum clean the rugs every now and then.

What are ways you live mindfully?

Other than making it a point to exercise everyday, I  remind myself to live in the moment by trying to bring an open, accepting and discerning attention to everything I try to do. Keeping plants and trying to have a green thumb , something I haven't had interest in before also helps me take the edge off the hustle and bustle of work stress. Most of all just being grateful for everything around you.

Top 3 reads that inspire you lately.

Expat Living Singapore magazine, Keep Sharp: Build a Better Brain at any Age by Sanjay Gupta, Travel + Leisure Asia.

Please share with us a simple breakfast or snack recipe you love.

I love the taste of olives, so I would usually get either a ciabatta from Cedele or olive bread baton roll from Baker and Cook, throw some mozzarella shredded cheese over the slice bread , lightly toast it till it melts and dip the bread slices with cheese with Extra virgin olive oil + balsamic vinegar mix, top with some cocktail German sausages.

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