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#MyLivingDNA Home Tour with Nadiah M Din

From the scents we wear to the way we dress, our personal style influences often stem from happy childhood memories. Interior design style is no different. The most livable space is one that expresses your life story because it gives you a sense of rootedness which is after all what home is. At the same time your home should also inspire you to move forward and pursue the life you dream of.

It is exactly this celebration of one's unique past, present and future that shape the Moroccan bohemian coastal vibes of actress Nadiah M Din's home. 

Hi Nadiah, please introduce yourself.

I’m Nadiah M Din, a proud mother of 2. A passionate actress and TV host. I love to travel and I find pleasure in prepping food for my children. Married to a French man, Bilal Jeanpierre in 2016.

Who lives in this home?
Me and my husband, our two beautiful kids Nahyan and Inaaya, our helper and the kitties, as well as...OMG I was gonna say my bird but it flew off, oh no...I love it because it's very intimate, not too big, not too small, and we have enough time to spend together.

What's your morning routine?

It's normally hectic in the morning as I really want to spend time with the kids. I'm breastfeeding so it's hard for me to get a full, uninterrupted sleep. My helper helps me get more sleep while she plays with the kids. Nahyan will normally wake up at 7am. Inaaya will wake up and co-sleep with me. My helper preps the kids' breakfast. The night before I will tell/train her what to prep, usually oats, wheat biscuits, yoghurt and milk. 

I'm up at 9:00-9:30. I get hyped up and meet my kids in their room. The first thing I do is grab both of them and I will say "Give mum mum bisou!" I will ask them how their sleep was and we will recap about what happened the day before - how was their swim, how was our walk to the park. I love to have these conversations with my kids. I love to play pretend - I've done Elsa, Moana. I love that I'm applying my theatre background to the home now.

I'm in charge of lunch so by 10:00 I will start prepping ingredients as the kids eat lunch between 12:00-1:00pm. I prep while they watch TV - yes they do have TV time of 1.5 hours.

How did you develop your personal interior style?
I love to travel. Bilal and I always go island-hopping. 

Growing up, I've always had this thing towards tassels, ikat fabric or African motifs. I guess all of this was totally inspired by my parents, both artists. I grew up in a family where there are no limits to colours, textures, shapes and sizes. My dad was a calligraphy painter, portrait artist and sculptor. I grew up in this home environment where a lot of materials are being used. Colours, especially. If you come to my family house you will feel as if you were in a museum. From there I was able to appreciate things that look different, that are not the norm.

In secondary school, I begun to have my own choices in my clothes. I love tie dye stuff, anything bohemian-ish, loud designs, geometrical, coloured, textured - you name it. 

When I got my own house, I wanted to make sure that every single corner of the house has "Nadiah M Din", representing my choice, my type. When I look into Pinterest, the designs resonated with me and it was not difficult to do. Slowly I learned how to mix and match. I still feel that I want to change some stuff. It gets a little addictive but I have to tell myself to stop!

Which piece or area in your home was the most meaningful to decorate? The most challenging?

Hands down the living room for both. We want the best for our guests. The first impression really counts. The [African basket] wall art was one of the most challenging because I needed to make sure that the composition was right, and the colours coordinated perfectly with the cushions, sofa and table. I wanted to make sure it's not too much that we lose focus of the rest of the house. It's challenging and also meaningful. I'm so happy that I managed to bring in my brand Les Poupons to the home. Even before I got this house I always wanted to provide people these beautiful African baskets so that every house will be unique, with a splash of colours that remind them of a holiday.


You've chosen a lot of handcrafted artisanal pieces. What made you gravitate towards them?

I would grow up literally seeing my father, a sculptor, working with his tools outside the house. I'm teary-eyed saying this. The different kind of methods that he used to put his works together. So I grew up really appreciating handmade stuff.

When we go for a holiday, I would prefer to get handmade items as opposed to something off the rack. Even to the extent of our carpets. I feel very close to artisanal pieces because every piece has its story. For example, our dining table comes all the way from Indonesia. The men who chopped off the tree to make this wood came from different backgrounds, cultures, religions. I like the idea of people creating work and I use it to beautify my home. I know how difficult it is to create something out of nothing. I feel that there is a lot of work put into it, the thought process. 

What are ways you live mindfully?
Simply taking a walk in the park with the kids, appreciating nature, water, and the sun. We love to be out. As much as we can, we try to head out on weekends. Dancing with my kids.

I also have my own time. I know not many people will find these moments very mindful but cooking is a mindful activity to me, because I have my own space, I turn up the music. 

Any changes you'll be making in the space for Raya?

Maybe some rugs under the coffee table. More real plants for my corridor. More jungle vibes outside the house. I want to make the house as cozy as I can. 

Please share with us a simple breakfast or snack recipe you love.

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