This Part of the House Gets All the Attention in 2020

Our home interior shopping tips and thoughts on 2020 shopping trends, as told to Expat Living Asia Magazine.

Plates, Bowls, Trays Handmade in Turkey | Living DNA Online Store

Marbled Enamel Kitchen and Dining Ware | starts at $35

What should we look for when shopping online for our home?

“Find clues as to reliable quality and sustainable production. The website should have information on how and where the product is made.”

Are you launching anything new online this year?

“We’ve just taken stock of the prettiest marbled enamelware from Turkey (pictured). The craftsmen fuse richly coloured powdered glass onto heavy-gauge steel, a delicate process practiced since the 15th century. Enamelware is lightweight, easy to clean, food-safe and stylish. It can go straight from the oven to the table.

Lemon Ceramic Serving Platters | starts at $75

“I also recently returned from a trip to Italy where I sourced a range of beautiful hand-painted ceramics from Vietri Sul Mare. The lemon-themed collection includes large serving plates, modular platters for dips and starters, dinner plates and even cutlery holders. Everything is handpainted, dishwasher-safe and meant to be used over and over again for generations.”

What do you think are the homeware trends for 2020?

“Due to health, wellness and diet trends (especially plant-based or flexitarian lifestyles), cooking and entertaining at home is a growing trend. We’ve increased our range of beautiful kitchen and dining ware (like platters for sharing, baking trays); they’re so pretty they can be served straight from the oven.”