Tell Your Story Through Your Home

What does our home tell about us?

You might have read Malcolm Gladwell's Blink. He accurately perceived that "you can learn as much - or more - from one glance at a private space as you can from hours of exposure to a public face." Are you the colour of your wall, or the painting that hangs there? 


 Are you your trendsetting walk-in closet or your quiet reading nook?


Home means many things to every person but there's one thing we have in common: home is where we can be ourselves. We take off our costumes and masks. We say what we feel. The people at home are the one's dearest to us -- we know they won't mind. Naturally, home is where we tell the story of our life.


Home communicates your hobbies, the kind of food you eat, your favourite colour, whether you prefer structure or free thought. 


Does the home reveal what success means to you: your kids' medals or their artwork? What motivates you the most: family photographs or powerful quotes? What do you long to accomplish: the reading list in your bookshelves or the post-it task list in the fridge?


Did you spend your honeymoon in romantic Venice or exotic Fiji?


Remember being one with nature on that New Zealand road trip? Discovering your East and Westside when you lived in Hong Kong? How did you learn in Kyoto that less is more and imperfection is beauty? Were you born in Jakarta but feel darn sure you were Japanese in your previous life?


Do you dream of losing yourself in Istanbul's Grand Bazaar or finding yourself in spiritual India? 


The story of our lives is the story of many cultures. Cultures connect through us. They endure in our memory, spirit and influence. No one else has the same story. Our journey is our own. And it is revealed when we come home.

What makes your home unique? It's that your life story is.