Our approach is simple:
modern homeware from a myriad of cultures 

At Living DNA, we believe that a rug is truly a foundation of the space. It transforms a house into a home, pulling it together while setting it apart.

There is a story in every item you choose, echoing the unique make-up of your home.

We pride in sourcing and producing the finest rugs and home pieces from all over the world. Understanding the unique heritage of each craft, we want to invite you into the mind and life of each artisan. 

You continue the story which the artisan starts.

A rug is literally the foundation of the space.
Start there.

Since the birth of Living DNA in 2015, we have always held close the collaborative intention and time-honoured technique processes with all our artisans around the globe. From the basket weavers, dyers, potters, tilemakers, and more, it is almost like a shared collective pride in bringing the most unique and best nature's raw materials for your home.

It is more than just a shopping experience with us. As you bring your chosen pieces for your home, it too brings us such joy knowing somewhere in Nairobi, Ho Chi Minh or Cebu, a parent can put food on the table while continuing the craft and heritage for generations to come.

- Denise Taojo Kaur, Founder of Living DNA