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I guide you in picking the ideal rugs and homeware for your space. You'll find me sharing a story or two about our amazing artisanal products. My favourite Living DNA piece is the Mykonos Turquoise rug, its brings me nostalgic memories of summer holidays. I enjoy cooking. Being able to cook something delicious that can be shared & enjoyed with my family gives me a sense of accomplishment. I enjoy discovering new places with my kids. 


I ensure your rugs and homeware arrive at your home safe and sound. I also love helping you design bespoke rugs. My favourite Living DNA product is the Alchemy Collection. I enjoy meeting customers and learn different pespectives from them. Being part of the Living DNA family has taught me alot and made me a better person. I love Thai food, shopping and football. I’m going to be a dad soon.


I source, design and style our pieces, so everything in our collection is special to me. I love to travel with my family, immersing in the food, culture, architecture, way of life, people and nature of a place. At home, I enjoy a good workout and books about living a meaningful life.