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5 Modern Rug Styles


A carpet can be one of the easiest ways to make a new home feel more like your own. Here's a run-through of some modern rug options to look out for.

Natural Woven Rugs

Ideal for the “perfect imperfect” look, natural woven rugs tend to have an irregular texture because they undergo very little processing. They’re mostly undyed, too, so the natural colour of jute and sisal can come through; this look has a “grounding” effect in homes. Even when dyed, the colour remains earthy; Living DNA occasionally mixes jute with coloured cotton to incorporate more softness and interest – particular for areas where families gather. “It’s comforting to be surrounded by natural materials in the home,” says the store founder DENISE KAUR, “because we humans lived in nature way longer than we have in modern dwellings. In that kind of setting, we can heal, rest, focus and enjoy life best.”

Viscose Rugs

Viscose is a semi-synthetic material derived from bamboo or other cellulose fibres. It’s also called “art silk” because it echoes the sheen of silk rugs, but at a fraction of the price. Viscose rugs are great if you want to go all-the-way glam, or add a touch of luxe. They mightn’t last as long as a wool rug, but in humid Singapore, the cool feel underfoot makes them popular. Always go for the highest density available – try Living DNA’s Alchemy range, for example.


Upcycled Rug

While woven upcycled leather, denim, cotton and even silk can make for an interesting accent piece, a particular repurposed favourite at Living DNA is the PET outdoor rug, made from the world’s most common plastic waste, polyethyleneterephtalate (from water bottles). The fabric looks and feels like cotton or wool, and it’s breathable and durable – a perfect high-traffic and outdoor rug. Plus, by choosing an upcycled rug, you’re joining the effort to create sustainable spaces.


Round Rugs

This shape is emerging in stylish interiors thanks to the global preference for soft, organic forms. A round rug is perfect for completing a vignette, be it an armchair and side table combo, or even a lounge chair or beanbag. At Living DNA, round designs include Peacock, inspired by its namesake, Wave, which mimics the reflection of light on seawater, Moss, with earthy forest tones, and solid colours of terracotta, peach and refreshing blue.

Shaggy Rugs

The shaggy rug continues to be a comfort piece for many, but Living DNA elevates the concept by introducing it in a premium material quality. Colour options include subtle tones of gold, silver, rose gold and purple. They’re budget-friendly (all below $500), with sizes for kids and grown-ups alike.


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